Survive and Thrive During the Coronavirus with Microsoft services


August 8, 2021

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The recent Coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on individual businesses and the economy at large. Due to the quarantine measures implemented by many governments worldwide, companies struggle to meet revenue goals, with some worrying about what the near future holds. The COVID-19 outbreak is challenging for small and medium-sized businesses that do not always have the necessary resources to bounce back and resume regular operations.

Microsoft Business COVID-19 resources

To assist companies of all sizes in their recovery, we would like to tell you how some Microsoft services and tools can help you get back to business as usual by offering cost savings and increased ROI.

Start Becoming Data-Driven with Microsoft Azure

Obtaining business insights from the data you collect could give you the business advantage you are looking for. While it is great to have the edge over the competition during a stable economic climate, it is instrumental in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. In fact, a recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that data-driven companies improve their revenue four times. You can achieve such a company culture and derive real-time business insights with Microsoft Azure. 

You may be familiar with the SQL Server used as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW). Microsoft has evolved this EDW with the release of Azure Data Share. This offers a unified experience in collecting data and providing analysis for business intelligence (BI) purposes. If you are looking to make sense of the data you have collected and visualized into something you can understand, you will need Microsoft PowerBI. Let’s take a look at this next.

Ditch the Spreadsheet with PowerBI

If you are still using Excel spreadsheets to organize your data, you are wasting a lot of time, and you are not getting the deep insights you are looking for. Therefore, try using PowerBI to make this and other processes more efficient. For example, instead of manually inputting and sorting the data, PowerBI can do this for you. But there is so much more it can do for you. It can pull data from many different sources and sort it into a central database, like the SQL Server or Azure Data Share. In fact, this is why Azure and PowerBI are used in tandem to achieve the best results. 

Also, suppose you are looking to visualize the data and create reports. In that case, PowerBI can do this for you and provide you with predictive forecasting as well. This is a potent tool that can take your business to the next level. Best of all, according to a recent report by Forrester, PowerBI and Azure together can offer you a 271% ROI over three years. With these kinds of numbers, investing in these tools will pay for themselves and provide you with a faster time to insights at the same time.

How Microsoft Services Help Businesses in a Post-COVID-19 World

Make the Best of Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

While recent quarantine measures have caused all business processes to shift online, your business doesn’t have to skip a beat thanks to tools like Microsoft Teams. Here you will find all of the communication tools in one place. For example, in addition to basic chat functionalities, you will also be able to have threaded conversations, conference calls and many other valuable things for remote work. In fact, Microsoft recently reduced the cost of its Office 365 F1 subscription, which includes additional functionality for Teams at half the price. 

If you need a place to store all of your documents, we suggest using Microsoft Sharepoint. It is much safer and easier to use than free cloud storage such as Google Docs or Dropbox. It has out-of-the-box workflows to make everyday activities like reviewing and approving documents a lot easier. It is possible to customize Sharepoint to fit your exact specifications, but you will need to do some development work.

Start Getting Your Business Back to Normal

Nobody knows how long the quarantine period will last or when we will find a cure for the Coronavirus. However, you don’t have to let this harm your business by using all of the tools we mentioned above to continue working during these difficult times. Take this time to reflect on where you would like to see your business next year and keep working towards this goal with all the technology we have available.



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