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What are .NET Development Services

.NET development services involve hiring a .NET software development company to create all kinds of products and applications. Companies all over the world engage in custom .NET Application Development Services to create form and web-based applications and web services as well. At Softwarium, we provide comprehensive .NET apps services that include:

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Custom mobile application development

We build custom windows applications for a broad range of devices. Our .NET software development company specializes in custom .NET solutions, and we can build the right product for your business needs. We are capable of building mobile-first Windows application software by configuring Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Xamarin Programming, and Visual Studio mobile apps.

Custom .NET web application development.png

Custom web application development

We provide full-cycle .Net web application development services that include responsive website development and design, cross-platform development and enterprise information portals.

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Desktop application development

Creating desktop apps for Windows PCs involves using four main frameworks: Universal Windows Platform (UWP), C++/Win32, WFP and Windows Forms. We have software developers with many years of experience with these .NET environment frameworks and solving complex development challenges.

Microsoft .NET Cross-platform app development.png

Cross-platform app development

Softwarium has saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars by creating cross-platform applications that look and function like native ones.

Migration to .NET Core.png

Migration to .NET 5

If you want to migrate from the .NET framework to .NET 5 (former .NET Core), we can conduct a code analysis to determine how compatible your solution is with the .NET 5 framework. We will then choose the best way to complete the migration based on how your application was developed and released.

Microsoft .NET Distributed applications.png

Distributed applications

A distributed application is a program that runs on more than one computer and communicates through a network. With this type of application, users can conduct business operations from any geographical location. We work with various .NET development technologies to create solutions with distributed cloud architectures.

.NET Based Content Management Systems.png

Content Management Systems

We provide a .NET web development service for such popular platforms as Sitecore. If your business requires a custom CMS system, we can create one for you as well.

Microsoft .NET Consulting Services.png

Microsoft .NET Consulting Services

If your company has a legacy system running on .NET, we can provide you with .NET consulting services to avoid the costs of starting over from scratch while maintaining the current system.

Our skills and experience allow us to create solutions on the .NET application development platform consisting of the .NET Framework, .NET 5, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). 


Softwarium developers are .NET Engineers


Years of .NET Development Experience


Successfully Completed .NET Projects

Our custom software development company has more than 20 years of experience in actualizing software solutions for some of the world’s leading companies. This experience earned us the trust of clients looking to develop new and innovative solutions.


.NET Development Solutions

Softwarium creates a wide variety of .NET applications using the following technologies:



Xamarin app development offers significant benefits such as increased codesharing across all .NET applications via cross-platform libraries and frameworks such as Xamarin. Forms. By using Xamarin, we were able to overcome significant development and integration challenges.



Using ASP.NET, we created all kinds of dynamic web apps and services for our fast, secure, cross-platform, and cloud-based clients. Our ASP.NET services also include creating REST APIs and microservices, which can independently deploy on Docker containers.


Cloud Software Development

The cloud application development services provided by Softwarium allow you to meet the ever-changing needs of your customers with applications that offer highly personalized experiences. Thanks to our skills and expertise, we can utilize all of the services provided by Azure and AWS to innovate rapidly.


The Benefits of Using .NET

Less coding

.NET allows developers to re-use code and a more significant number of re-usable components. Less coding will enable you to build applications faster while keeping costs down.

Easier deployment

.NET offers no-impact applications, private components, controlled code sharing, side-by-side versioning and partially trusted code to streamline the deployment process.

Increased reliability

.NET is one of the most trusted frameworks due to its stable and reliable performance on Microsoft Windows Server.

Enhanced security

Developers have greater control over security in the .NET framework due to granular controls over applications and resources. They can implement robust authentication, authorization, and cryptographic routines using easy-to-use built-in tools.


.NET Application Architecture

There is a significant shift happening towards “cloud-native” development, often built with microservice architectures. These microservices are stateless and stateful and run on the cloud and edge, embracing the diversity of languages and frameworks available today.

Softwarium can create the following .NET architectures:

modular design.png

Multitier architecture

Softwarium can create an architecture where all of the logical parts are separated into discrete classes. This makes it easy to manage complex modern applications and easier to work in a more agile manner.



We can create a microservices architecture to help you realize cost savings, solve deployment problems, and improve DevOps and production operations using containers.


Cloud-native architecture

The cloud-native applications that we create allow you to take full advantage of the scalability, availability, and resiliency features in modern cloud platforms.


Why Choose Us?

Softwarium was one of the first adopters of the .NET framework and had almost decades of experience developing state-of-the-art applications using all kinds of .NET technologies. This experience has allowed us to get industry insights into product development and obtain industry insights that cannot be found anywhere else. We put all of this knowledge to work for you when developing your product. 


Extensive experience with .NET projects

We have created products for education, automotive, healthcare and many other industries using the .NET framework. That experience gave us insights into product development that help expedite development while keeping costs down.


Microsoft Gold Development Partner

This certification highlights our abilities to build, test, and maintain cloud apps. More about our technical capabilities in designing, developing, and monitoring cloud and web-based applications for customers in Azure or Microsoft 365 can be found in our case studies.


Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

The businesses that we help range from startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. Over the course of our history, we helped startups grow and get acquired by larger organizations.


Our .NET Development Process



We carefully analyze your requirements for the product you would like to create. Thanks to our experience, we will be able to identify some of the pitfalls that we will have to overcome along the way and plan to overcome them.



This stage includes all of the necessary consultations for choosing the exemplary architecture and creating the architecture itself. This will help you avoid some of the most common design problems and ensure all components work together.



Our experienced .NET developers will start writing the code for the software. Most of our developers have more than five years of experience and will be able to create all of the components and functionalities of the software.



We perform comprehensive manual and automated testing to ensure your product meets your requirements and does not contain any bugs or flaws. This helps ensure the reliability, security and high performance of the product.



At this stage, we take the entire technical data package and transform it into a complete, integrated and tested software configuration item ready for user acceptance testing.

Frequently Asked Questions