MuleSoft Integration

Business Challenges

DevOps Scale


The main reason MuleSoft is so popular is because of its integration capabilities. Even if you have a legacy system, you can use Mule integration to connect it with SaaS products and APIs. This will allow you to scale without overhauling the entire system. The API-led connectivity will also allow you to expand into new markets since you will be able to unlock your data and infrastructure to accommodate the necessary systems.

Softwarium has an extensive track record of handling Mule integration. We have helped businesses integrate systems across the enterprise using the Mule ESB. All of the  integration is done in a cost-effective manner, easy to manage and will not become outdated as time goes on. Contact us to see how we connected even the most disparate systems to allow businesses to unlock siloed data.


MuleSoft increases the performance of individual developers and your entire business as well. The development time will be reduced because your teams will be able to design with reusability in mind while using a unified platform for the entire API creation process. As far as your business is concerned, you will be able to increase the pace of innovation because you will be able to connect data in new ways instead of wasting time creating custom code to connect each system.

Softwarium has the necessary expertise to handle Mule integration of various complexities. We helped businesses connect all of their systems across the enterprise and streamline their business processes. Even if you would like to avoid integrating systems, we can use Mulesoft as a middleware tool which will allow systems to communicate with each other.

Technical Challenges solved

According to MuleSoft, the average organization uses more than 1,000 individual apps across the enterprise. Mule integration can allow each app to “communicate” with one another and unlock the siloed data located inside. We can help you integrate new applications into your existing IT infrastructure thus taking care of all integration challenges allowing you to focus on innovation.

Business Process Management

Businesses today rely on all kinds of apps and SaaS products to help them run day-to-day operations. This includes things like your CRM, payment system, inventory management tool and anything else that you use everyday. The more apps you use, the more complicated the business processes will be because these apps need to communicate with each other and exchange information to make real-time decisions.

Softwarium has a long history of using MuleSoft as a middleware tool connecting various systems. Even if you have a highly distributed environment where you need to connect things like legacy systems, SaaS apps or lines of business software we can implement a highly efficient middleware solution that will save you money in integration costs.

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