Softwarium is proud to be a part of such an intense business industry like Aerospace. While talking about Aerospace most people would rather think about aircraft and related to it software. While agreeing with this, we would add much more! Software is such a significant part of every operation, performed in the aerospace industry: from ticket selling and check-in systems to airport logistics and finance.  Softwarium had a pleasure to be a part of almost every operation and procedure performed by air companies.


While choosing Softwarium for your aerospace software engineering needs, you get experienced partners, ready to guide you through the pitfalls and to help you to overcome obstacles every air company meets on the way to global success.


Softwarium helps your company


new trends

  • Our experts will be able to extrapolate data to account for rising passenger numbers

  • We will help you anticipate and overcome supply chain challenges

  • Facilitate the development of next-generation aircraft with aerospace software engineering

  • Implement new developments in aircraft maintenance and repair by increasing digitization

  • Use all of the collected data to increase safety and improve operational efficiency

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One of the Biggest Low-Cost Carriers in


One of the biggest low-cost carriers in Europe

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