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Maximizing the Value of Integration and APIs

Thursday, June 11th 2020


All companies are going through changes and

Softwarium is here to help

At a time when the world is facing unprecedented challenges, Softwarium stands committed to helping organizations ensure business continuity, unlock new ways of working, and use technology to transform.

ROI increase

Increase Your ROI

According to the Wall Street Journal, the number of software apps deployed by large firms across all industries world-wide has increased 68% over the past four years, reaching an average of 129 apps per company. 0% of businesses have more than 200 apps.


Are you getting the most value from the money you are spending?

We will tell you how you can use Mule ESB to increase your ROI.

Steamline integration

Streamline Integration

If your business relies on connectivity with an increasing number of partners, you will need to integrate more and more components as the systems are added. This results in wasted development hours plus additional hours to provide maintenance and create documentation.

Using the Mule ESB can help you simplify a lot of processes and make your efforts a lot easier.

successful digital transformation

Make Your Digital Transformation a Success

According to a survey by MuleSoft, 97% of businesses said they plan to undergo a digital transformation effort, but 84% also said that integration challenges were preventing them. Project volumes are expected to grow 32% this year alone.

Increase Revenue and Automation with Mule Integration 

The value of adopting a new integration approach is significant.It creates opportunities to improve project speed and security and reduce costs. It also unlocks business value. Extra revenue, automation, and faster time to market are a few examples. 


We will explain how you can get more value with API-led connectivity and the Mule ESB to make your digital transformation a success. This includes: 


Direct value is the benefit an organization realizes through the use of a given integration platform, technology, or approach.

Indirect value is the broader business outcomes an organization sees as a result of that integration.

mulesoft connectors

Create API-led Connectivity for Healthcare Organizations

At a time when health organizations are relying more and more on technology to run their daily operations, we can show you how API-led connectivity can drive integration to transform your IT delivery model to better fit your needs. We will also explain how using the Mule ESB is the best way to create API-led connectivity.


Mulesoft Webinar Speaker

Roman Ovsyanik

MuleSoft Architect , Senior Software Developer

Roman Ovsyanik has been architecting, developing and supporting large - scale enterprise software solutions with Softwarium for 3 years. He is a Java developer with more than 7 years of experience in developing Java enterprise applications. Roman is experienced in OOP, GoF design, enterprise patterns.

Please join our webinar where we will tell you how using MuleSoft can help you meet these challenges and get higher ROI on every dollar you spend.

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