Time & Material

  • You are billed as per the actual amount of efforts spent
  • Task flow is determined by the client
  • Dedicated project manager to control flawless task execution workflow
  • No developer idling time
  • People on the team may change

Softwarium offers the time & material business model for longer-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation. It is also ideal for clients that need research work, or want ongoing software enhancements.

If compared with the fixed price offer, which is ideal for small projects with a detailed technical specification, the time & material model is a better choice for longer-team, scalable projects as it allows you to pay for a service in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract. After we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, we invoice you monthly or bi-weekly according to effort reports.

You can feed the tasks depending on your needs, i.e. daily, weekly or when previous tasks are completed. Each task is assigned to a particular engineer after a ballpark estimate is provided by our experts and approved by you. A dedicated project manager is responsible for discussing the estimates, assigning the task and tracking it to completion according to the estimates provided. We guarantee that your tasks will be processed upon request if you are concerned about regular workload of the developer resources within your project. At specified intervals we send detailed “time spent” reports organized by task and by engineer for your approval and these reports serve as the basis for invoicing.

We cannot guarantee to keep the same personnel on the team throughout the project as the people within a team may change.  But we do guarantee that for every new task that comes along there is always an appropriately qualified person to perform the task.

The time & material model may be used as a transition step to establishing a dedicated team or it may be used to temporarily extend an already operational team.