Application Development & Maintenance

Softwarium has developed a comprehensive service model that brings offshore/nearshore outsourcing within reach of small- and medium-sized organizations on a budget. Our proven system makes the level of risk and investment attractive even to small businesses.

Our experienced, dedicated technology teams are ready to go to work on your project. From envisioning and requirements analysis to deployment and support - our specialists will perform all software development lifecycle phases. Here is how our system works:

  • Our analysts and engineers collect your requirements. We work very closely with you at this initial stage to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of your project needs. Our team will use the latest collaboration tools to produce case studies, storyboards, screen mockups and prototypes. Frequent communication during this vital process helps us to consistently exceed our clients' expectations.
  • Team Leaders produce estimates and project plans. Our experience allows us to produce realistic estimates. Less qualified companies often underestimate the time and effort that a project requires, or overestimate their own abilities. Meeting project budgets and timeframes is a hallmark of our service.
  • Developers design and implement the software. At this stage, we will form a development team that will stay together for the lifetime of your project. You will benefit from the consistency of having a team of experts that will focus on your project from beginning to end. An experienced, certified technology leader will oversee the development team. This project leader in cooperation with the project manager will be in constant communication to keep you abreast of project status.
  • Our Quality Assurance Team controls the quality of all deliverables and of the development process itself. We never deliver a single document or portion of code until it has been thoroughly tested and verified. We believe in working out the bugs before we deliver the software.