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Salesforce Application Development

Building custom Salesforce applications to help you streamline time-consuming processes and to get a higher return on your Salesforce investment.

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Salesforce Application Development

Softwarium provides ISVs with Salesforce application development services to reach more Salesforce customers. Our Salesforce AppExchange developers have already helped our clients create innovative Salesforce apps that eliminate manual tasks and streamline business processes using machine learning. We have comprehensive knowledge of The Salesforce Lightning Platform to build Salesforce1 Mobile platforms and Salesforce Lightning-ready Salesforce AppExchange applications.

Our Salesforce Application development company created apps that helped our clients stand out from the crowd by providing innovative solutions that are easy to use. We have helped businesses of all sizes create Salesforce apps customized to the client’s specific needs while keeping costs under control.

    Salesforce AppExchange Development Services

      Full-cycle Salesforce app development

      We build native ISV applications using Javascript, Lightning, Visualforce, APEX, Heroku and frameworks.

      Full-cycle Salesforce app development

      Application solution architecture

      We are developing a custom AppExchange application architecture or delivering a Salesforce package for an existing app.

      Application solution architecture

      Security review for the AppExchange

      We provide comprehensive support and assistance in handling the Salesforce security review process, considering our experience in releasing AppExchange applications.

      Security review for the AppExchange

      Types of Salesforce Apps We Build

      • 01
        Custom Application Development with Salesforce Platform

        Custom Salesforce Apps for internal needs substantially increase the functionality of your Salesforce platform. They can help you with specific Salesforce tasks like lead assignment, document management and many other processes. Our experience in building custom Salesforce applications will help you streamline time-consuming processes allowing you to get a higher return on your Salesforce investment.

      • 02
        Salesforce AppExchange App Development

        Applications listed on the AppExchange are available to the entire Salesforce community and become an independent revenue source. Such apps also expand Salesforce’s functionality, eliminate manual processes and allow customers to get higher ROI on their Salesforce investment. Our Salesforce app development team can help you craft your idea into reality effectively by cutting your costs and with the best possible tools in a development environment.

      • 03
        Lightning Enterprise Application Development

        The lightning cloud platform is designed from the component up, rather than having the concept of a page as its fundamental unit. Lightning Components are client-side-centric, which makes them more dynamic and mobile-friendly. We have the necessary expertise in developing mobile-friendly and lightning-ready custom apps.

      Custom Application Development with Salesforce PlatformSalesforce AppExchange App DevelopmentLightning Enterprise Application Development

      Full Cycle Salesforce App Development Services

      • Requirements Analysis
        Requirements Analysis

        Salesforce developers and consultants analyze your requirements and create a roadmap to develop technological solutions to meet those requirements. The analysis will also help us make sure that the application will be compliant and efficient with Salesforce’s security and system standards.

      • Development Process
        Development Process

        The Salesforce development process will move along in tiny iterations to deliver the highest priority features first. Having said this, we remain agile and can adapt to changing requirements. That means, Softwarium creates a ready-to-use functionality baseline and then adds new features on top of that as determined by the product owner or the end-users. As a result, such an approach to Salesforce development allows your application to hit the market right away. Moreover, users will start utilizing new features as soon as they are released.

      • Quality Assurance
        Quality Assurance

        We perform a wide range of QA tests to ensure that your Salesforce app meets high-quality standards and provides stable performance. Quality Assurance for Salesforce application includes unit testing, code reviews, integration testing and many other quality controls.

      • Integrations

        If you are creating an application for internal use, salesforce developers will help you connect it with other third-party tools you may be using. Softwarium can integrate applications using either the default Salesforce integration tools or ones that we create from scratch.

      • Launch (for internal use or the AppExchange)
        Launch (for internal use or the AppExchange)

        When we launch an application for internal use, we transfer it over to the user acceptance testing environment. If you are satisfied with the application, we will push it to the production environment and make it available for your users.If we are launching an application for the AppExchange, we first prepare it for Salesforce’s security review. The review implies creating documentation for the app that the Salesforce Product Security Team will review. Softwarium will also provide credentials for the Salesforce Lightning Platform organization and any external components or services used to create the application.

      • After-Launch Support
        After-Launch Support

        Softwarium can continue providing support, consulting and maintenance for your application after the initial launch. The after-launch support includes things like fine-tuning some of the application features and resolving user experience issues.

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