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Business center "Panorama"
Velyka Zhytomyrska St, 20
Kyiv, 01025,


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SoftArea LLC
248 Geiger Road, suite 201
Philadelphia, PA 19115


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Featured Services

JAVA Development

.NET Development

Early adopters who grew to experts using expertise which stood the test of time. This is how we feel about JAVA. Using it we develop robust, flexible, sustainable products

We started our company believing in a power of .NET for a wide variety of enterprise solutions. So we truly are .NET developers since day 1

SharePoint Development & 


A powerful and complex tool, like SharePoint, could be used more effective while professionally deployed and customized. So you get much bigger ROI

Azure Development

You get a sense of clarity in ever-expanding set of cloud services with our customer oriented Cloud Computing expertise

You get innovative Android development expertise based on a  tradition of quality 

Android Development

iOS  Development

You get the competitive edge your company needs, with our in depth experts in iOS development 


We've started the cooperation with Softwarium in 2006. Since then we've completed several successful projects with them. This was a new experience for us which required some adaptation from our side, but we've come to a successful formula eventually. We can strongly recommend Softwarium as a solid partner in business.

Raoul Hendrikx

CEO, BirdsEyeView BV


with Microsoft

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