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Aviation Software Development

Accelerate the development of a next-generation airline with Softwarium. Our experienced team is ready to provide top-tier aerospace software development services and in-depth approach.

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Aviation Software Development

Softwarium is proud to be a part of an intense business industry like airlines. While talking about aviation software solutions, most people would think about aircraft and software related to it. While agreeing with this, we would add much more! Software is a significant part of every operation performed in the aerospace industry: from ticket selling and check-in systems to airport logistics and finance. Softwarium had the pleasure to be a part of almost all operations and procedures performed by air companies.


While choosing Softwarium for your airline software engineering needs, you get experienced partners ready to guide you through the complex pitfalls, ensure compliance with aviation industry regulations and help you overcome programming obstacles every air company meets on the way to global success.

    Why Aviation Software Development Matters

    An airline company deals with so much data at a time. It has to manage the fleets, passengers traveling, and the significant number of flights. Everybody will try to make their business more productive in this competitive market and increase their yearly revenue. The experts say that IoT and the use of beacon technology are the future of the airline business. The aviation management software should also have the required avionics safety features. So, to take your business to the next level, you need quality aviation software development services.

    Why Aviation Software Development Matters

    Aviation software development has allowed airlines to solve this problem. The new software is part of a two-decade effort to modernize the country's air traffic control system. It incorporates 11 bits of real-time data from airlines—including when a plane left the gate and when another hit the tarmac— to choreograph aircraft movement in and out of the airport more accurately. This is just one example of how aerospace software development services can resolve a business issue.

    Aviation Software Development Has Allowed Airlines To Solve This Problem

    Pretty much all airline-related services rely on some form of software to get a particular job done. For example, let's think about the plane's takeoff process. Today, planes get in line to take off in most airports, based on when a plane pushes back from the gate. That can lead to traffic jams on the tarmac and overloaded runways where airplanes idle while waiting to take off.


    Plus, there's no way of knowing how long it will take a plane to taxi and ascend into the air. While the FAA does get each airline's schedule, controllers don't know exactly when a flight will depart until it hits a specific part of the ramp. They deal with this unpredictability by building in buffers, extra time here and there that ensures that the entire system operates without a hitch.

    Airline-related Services Rely on Software

    Digital Transformation for the Aviation Industry

    These are concrete examples of how a digital transformation strategy really can – and is – revolutionizing the aviation industry. One of the most extensive opportunities for airlines and airports – who tend to hold vast amounts of customer data – is to grow the value of this data and turn it into sustainable, commercial growth. Additional ones include:

    • Flight Booking Engine

      Flight Booking Software is a complete flight booking quotation system that automates flight booking processes to help book flights online for particular seats available on various flights and increase revenue.

    • Online Ticket Service Tools

      The ticket management system should enable users to automate ticket organization. The ticket management system is built to separate incoming tickets into clear, customizable categories or buckets, organized by priority, team, source, or user.

    • Gate Management Systems

      Modern airports require a robust and intuitive system for gate assignment, management, and optimization at airports. It needs to enable airports to define prevailing operational requirements, including strict constraints, adjacency rules, and gate utilization preferences.

    • Airport Logistics Systems

      For everything to work together perfectly, you need software systems that significantly reduce the complexity of airport logistics and ground handling. Aviation software delivers solutions for all parts of the chain to increase the efficiency of your processes and plan your operations.

    Digital Transformation for the Aviation Industry

    Softwarium's Expertise in Aerospace Software Development

    Softwarium has extensive expertise in developing software solutions for one of the leading low-cost airlines in the world. We helped them create a new and improved customer booking system that significantly increased their revenue by making it easier for passengers to book tickets while taking in all of the complexities. The client received internationally recognized awards for this website and booking system, and Sofwtarium continues to support such services.

    Softwarium's Expertise in Aerospace Software Development

    Why Choose Softwarium?

    Sofwtarium is one of the first companies in the Ukrainian IT outsourcing market. We have been in the airline software development outsourcing business for more than 20 years and have helped our clients grow from startups to large enterprises. Larger enterprises acquired many of the startups that we helped grow through software development. We are also early adopters of Microsoft technologies such as .NET, SharePoint, and Office 365 and have unmatched expertise in these areas.

    Why Choose Softwarium?

    How Softwarium helps your company adopt new trends

    • Our experts will be able to extrapolate data to account for rising passenger numbers.
    • Use all of the collected data to increase safety and improve operational efficiency.
    • Implement new developments in aircraft maintenance and repair by increasing digitization.
    • Facilitate the development of next-generation aircraft with airline software engineering.
    • We will help you anticipate and overcome supply chain challenges.
    • Aviation Software Development Process

      Before starting any project, we will understand the business case to ensure that the solution will provide the required benefits to your organization. Business cases tend to be built around several metrics as follows:

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    • Soft Metrics, Improve Processes, Reduce Errors icon

      Soft metrics, improve processes, reduce errors

    • Improve Net Promoter Score icon

      Improve Net Promoter Score

    • Growth icon


    • Cost Avoidance icon

      Cost avoidance

    • Cost Reduction icon

      Cost reduction

    At an early stage in the project, it is crucial to align the project's scope of deliverables. Then we will move on to the project scope. Projects are defined pieces of work with a beginning and an end. We will then propose a team size for the project to understand your budget and ability to deliver the project by a set date.

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