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Java Development Company

We leverage the expertise, experience, and industry insider knowledge we have in our Java development company to create a well-defined development approach.

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Java Development Company

Our clients appreciate the investment we put into a long term partnership at all stages of the project which include ongoing maintenance and support. With more than 20 years of serving everybody from startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies, many of our clients have continued to choose our Java development company for decades.

    Java Software Development Services

      Custom Java Application Development

      Java API

      Our Java developers are experts in creating a lightweight yet secure and high-performance REST API that any front-end or third-party vendor can adopt.

      Java API

      Enterprise Java

      Enterprise Java leverages Java for developing scalable software in sectors like government, banking, e-commerce, and telecommunications, focusing on microservices rather than a monolithic structure. The Java EE platform aims to simplify enterprise application development by offering a cohesive development model, APIs, and a runtime environment, enabling developers to concentrate on functionality. 

      We specialize in creating secure, robust applications that deliver exceptional performance and functionality. Our Java experts are proficient in web architecture and system engineering, equipped to offer innovative Java software development services. They utilize top-tier user interface strategies and resource management techniques to develop superior web solutions.

      Enterprise Java

      Custom Java Development Services

      Our Java development team consists of developers, UI/UX designers and QA testers whose mission is to create an exceptional Java application as per your requirements. They are experienced in developing complex wide-ranging enterprise applications and other software solutions that require top-level security. We create customizable applications that are best for your business' wants and needs.

      Custom Java Development Services

      Java Application Migration

      One of our areas of expertise is migrating your existing business application platform to Java. Being a full-service Java application development company, we most certainly focus on helping in Java migration and integration with Java systems. We take care of all the essential stages, such as importing, exporting, and migrating your data to Java, assuring quality.

      Java Application Migration
      • Java Desktop App Development

        Java Desktop App Development

        We provide Java development services to create business software for Windows and Linux. We use JavaFX and Swing to create first-rate desktop applications.

      • Java Mobile App Development

        Java Mobile App Development

        No other option can be as good as Java when it comes to mobile applications development. Java is easy to learn and is based on fluent English-like syntax. Java has a rich API, database connection, networking, utilities and provides almost everything that a developer might need. It is also open-source and available for free.

      • Java Web Development Services

        Java Web Development Services

        Because of the wide range of technologies available, our Java developers find high-level efficiency in the overall process of transforming complex ideas into simple solutions. Here at Softwarium, a Java web development company, we aim at developing feature-packed and up-and-coming web applications and mobile apps for various industries and businesses.

      Why You Need Java

      Java remains an indispensable and ever-evolving technology in the software development landscape. This mature programming language is instrumental in crafting applications across various platforms—from desktops and enterprise servers to mobile devices and web browsers.

        Our Java Development Experience Across Industries

        As an experienced Java development company, our Java development services cover different industries and meet the needs of the following businesses:

          E-Learning Solutions

          We are passionate about education and its necessity to make this world better. While digital transformation is already here, we understand how we can sometimes help non-technical customers achieve their goals in process automation, specially designed for educational institutions of many forms. We have previously worked with companies providing special software to ease the life of pre-school and nursery institutions, as well as for learning centers, etc.

          E-Learning Solutions

          Healthcare and Clinical Research

          Our main goal is affordable and time-effective cooperation in high-quality custom healthcare development. Our team is fully aware of the amount of responsibility on every stage of development, from technical task validation to ready product deployment.

          Healthcare and Clinical Research

          Airline Solutions

          Software plays a meaningful role in every operation performed in the aerospace industry: from ticket selling and check-in systems to airport logistics and finance. While choosing Softwarium for your Java software engineering needs in the Aviation industry, you get experienced partners ready to guide you through the complex pitfalls. We also ensure compliance with aviation industry regulations and help you overcome programming obstacles every air company meets on the way to global success.

          Airline Solutions

          Logistics & Transport Solutions

          Automation is key to a dynamic and complex industry, called supply chain and logistics. However complicated the problem could be, whether it is a connection between many warehouses or simple communication between thousands of people in the company, Softwarium is ready to provide you with the best possible solution.

          Logistics & Transport Solutions

          E-Commerce Solutions

          Our enterprise software development company can help you drive innovation in your company, assist you in technology stack validation choice of project methodology, and offer you the technical knowledge you will not be able to find anywhere else.

          E-Commerce Solutions

          Security Frameworks

          Why choose us?

          We put to good use the expertise, experience, and industry insider knowledge we have in our Java development company to create a well-defined development approach. Our clients appreciate the effort we put into a long-term partnership at all stages of the project, including ongoing maintenance and support. With more than 20 years in the industry, many of our clients have continued to choose our Java development company for years.

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            Versatile communication

            We thoroughly discuss the best ways of exchanging project information (communication means, amount of reported detail, frequency of updates, etc.) to each stakeholder.

          • 02
            Fast and steady Java app delivery

            Our Java developers ascertain major releases every couple of weeks and minor updates up to several times a day by implementing mature Agile and DevOps practices. The most important thing is that all of the processes are effective and flexible since the overall success of your business depends on it. Our Java development company can also create Java-based tools that will help make the business processes more efficient and even eliminate some unnecessary steps. We have encountered some very convoluted processes throughout our history and helped businesses simplify them, leading to enhanced overall functionality.

          • 03
            Flexible cooperation

            Team augmentation with Java developers and architects and end-to-end Java project delivery.

          • 04
            In-house project management office (PMO)

            Our PMs are skilled in big projects with expansive teams and several vendors involved.

          • 05
            Transparent service

            We track and share with you the results of:

            • Achievement of set KPIs – business outcomes, software quality, project time and costs, team productivity, and customer/user ratings.

            • Resources usage (current and planned).

            • Tolerability of current development risks.

          • 06
            Lasting Java app architectures

            Our dedicated Java team specializes in building cloud-native (microservices) and cloud-only (serverless) Java apps. Regardless of the technical situation you may be experiencing, we will identify the problem and find a solution. Many clients have hired our Java development company to fix major issues and even salvage their Java projects. Customers trust because of our 20-year track record of providing customized solutions and helping them overcome any roadblocks they may be experiencing.

          Versatile communicationFast and steady Java app deliveryFlexible cooperationIn-house project management office (PMO)Transparent serviceLasting Java app architectures

          Hire Java developers

          If your enterprise needs a custom Java-based software to be implemented – don't hesitate to hire Java programmers here at Softwarium. Hiring a dedicated Java development team is lucrative to get top-notch Java application development services. Choosing us as your team augmentation partner, we are to provide:

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          • Motivated and experienced team of specialists

            An experienced team of specialists motivated to help your project thrive.

          • Java engineering staff with an average of 7+ years of experience

            Java engineering staff are mid/senior developers with an average of 7+ years of experience.

          • Detailed estimates and weekly reports

            Detailed estimates and weekly reports to ensure you are always informed about your project's progress.

          Business Challenges

          • Scalability

            Scaling your Java application could occur in many ways, shapes and forms. It all depends on the business objectives you are trying to reach.

          • Research icon


            We will then research your app's infrastructure and provide a concrete and transparent plan to move forward. The most significant advantage you get with us is predictability. You are always kept up to date on what is going on, thus allowing you to make correct business forecasts.

          • Horizontal scaling icon

            Horizontal scaling

            If you have a well-performing app that cannot handle more than a few hundred requests, its usefulness is minimal, and it is a matter of time before it stops performing correctly. This means you will need to scale horizontally by adding more nodes to accommodate the requests.

          • Requirements icon


            The first thing a good Java development company should do is listen to the business needs and goals you are trying to reach. Our developers will sit down with you to discuss the business objectives you are trying to achieve.

          • Vertical scaling icon

            Vertical scaling

            On the other hand, you may be dealing with business issues stemming from slow and lacklustre performance. Consequently, you will need to scale vertically.

          Not every Java development company has the necessary skills and expertise to create an app that makes users fall in love with it right away.

          Our experience is unique since we have created apps from scratch to actualize the dreams of non-technical professionals looking to attract investors, amass funding and ultimately make their products available to the public. We know what the users are looking for when they first open an app, and we can convert those one-time users into brand ambassadors.


          With so many options available to users nowadays, there is simply no tolerance for poorly performing apps.

          If you are experiencing high latency, slow response times, crashing events or any other performance issues, users will abandon your app out of sheer frustration. Remember, one out of five users will never relaunch your app after one session. This means that you must show the users the value of your app right away, which means that the performance must be stellar.

          Performance illustration

          Java Development Process

          • Requirements Analysis

            Requirements Analysis

            Java developers and account managers analyze your requirements and create a roadmap to develop technological solutions to meet those requirements. The analysis will also help us ensure that the application will be compliant and efficient with Java's security and system standards.

          • Development Process

            Development Process

            The Java development process will move in tiny iterations to deliver the highest priority features. Having said this, we remain agile and can adapt to changing requirements. That means, Softwarium creates a ready-to-use functionality baseline and then adds new features on top of that as determined by the product owner or the end-users. As a result, such an approach to Java development allows your application to hit the market right away. Moreover, users will start utilizing new features as soon as they are released.

          • Quality Assurance

            Quality Assurance

            We perform a wide range of QA tests to ensure that your Java application meets high-quality standards and provides stable performance. Our quality assurance for Java applications includes unit testing, code reviews, integration testing, and other quality controls.

          • Integrations


            If you are creating an application for internal use, our Java team will help you connect it with other third-party tools you may be using. Softwarium can integrate Java applications using either the default Java integration tools or ones that we create from scratch.

          • Launch


            When we launch an application for internal use, we transfer it over to the user acceptance testing environment. If you are satisfied with the application, we will push it to the production environment and make it available for your users. Softwarium will also provide credentials and any external components or services used to create the application.

          • After-Launch Support

            After-Launch Support

            Softwarium can continue providing support, consulting and maintenance for your application after the initial launch. The after-launch support includes fine-tuning some application features and resolving user experience issues.


          • How much does Java development cost?

            The cost of a Java development project depends on a few details, including the project's breadth and complexity, the required tech stack, the size of a Java team needed and many other aspects. But we can tell for sure that you shouldn't just worry about costs when choosing a Java development company. You have to seek a provider that equalizes affordability with quality, something our company can offer.

          • What does a Java developer do in Java development companies?

            Java specialists are responsible for a whole lot of services. Some of them include:

            • Designing, developing, and deploying Java solutions.

            • Testing the code and debugging in case any errors arise.

            • Adopting the best Java development practices ensures that the product is delivered on time.

            • Migrating the Java version and databases.

            • Optimizing app's features regarding usability, speed and efficiency.

          • Are Java developers in demand in 2022?

            Java developers are accessible and available in every enterprise that focuses on digitization. It is the go-to programming language for app development. Its backend development capabilities and functional benefits in mobile applications make Java engineers in high demand. Java programming language also plays a significant role in data science, cloud computing, AR & VR and microservices.

          • What companies work with Java?

            With its vast number of purposes with remarkable results, Java has been a backbone for many development projects for more than two decades. Giant corporations like Google, Netflix, Spotify, Uber, and eBay have used Java to develop their applications and solutions.

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