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Application for Working with Dynamics CRM

Application for Working with Dynamics CRM

Softwarium created a mobile Application for Working With Dynamics CRM, allowing Synovos employees to scan the UPCs on the inventory.

About Synovos

Synovos is a global corporation, a leader in the field of solutions for MRO supply chain management. The company operates representative offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Singapore. Synovos was founded in 1987 under the brand name Storeroom Solutions. The company’s primary goal is to help customers lower indirect costs when supplying goods by increasing the efficiency and quality of services provided. The company offers a full range of integrated supply chains, assets, and ancillary services, increasing the clients’ performance, efficiency, and competitiveness globally.

Business Issue

Softwarium is responsible for helping Synovos manage its inventory in all of its warehouses. However, when Synovos receives new inventory, the employees do not always know what the item is and where it needs to go. Therefore, there was a need for an application that would quickly and easily identify each item and create a description and image for each item in the backend system.

Solutions Provided By Softwarium

We created a mobile application that allows Synovos employees to scan the UPC codes on the inventory, providing them with all needed information about every item. In addition to reading the UPCs, the application could also identify each item simply via an image. For example, a Synovos employee takes a picture of the item with their mobile device, and the application will tell them what the item is.

mobile application that allows Synovos employees to scan the UPC codes on the inventory

Also, we helped Synovos create descriptions and find images for every item. When an employee scans a UPC or takes a photo of the item, the app automatically populates pictures and definitions from a Google search. This information would later be used to create a record for the item in the CRM.

Results Delivered by Softwarium

Before Softwarium created such an application, all of the work with the inventory described above was done manually. The application allowed Synovos to significantly simplify all of the work with stock and make it a lot quicker for sales on their website.

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