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Cross-Platform Application

Case Study for Cybersecurity Industry

Preview of Case Study for Cybersecurity Industry

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Solution for the Cyber Security Industry, built with Xamarin that runs on both iOS and Android Devices

About the Client

Our client operates in the cyber security industry to prevent cyber-attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling application access. They are one of the world’s fastest-growing IT security companies and offer their customers cloud or on-premise software solutions that can be easily implemented. The client developed a server that stores employee personally identifiable information, making such data confidential.

Business Challenge

The client sells their solution to their clients who need to access the information stored on the server. Softwarium already created a cross-platform desktop application so the client's customers could access the data from Windows and macOS X devices. Still, now they needed a cross-platform mobile application as well.

Business Challenge

Cross-platform Mobile App Development Solution Delivered

Softwarium performed a cross-platform mobile app development using Xamarin. One of the most significant benefits is the auto-fill functionality. Since all the access credentials are sensitive information, it would be best to have them automatically filled in instead of requiring employees to input the data manually. The application can be accessed via Touch ID or Face ID. To make the application even easier to use, we included a Favorites section where employees can store their most frequently accessed locations and access that data much faster.

We further help the client increase security by implementing individual caching. Since employees have access to confidential information, there is always a risk that such information can be cached. The application that we created would prevent unauthorized caching of such data. Employees will still be able to search and access this data, but it will remain secure. Every employee also has their access levels which further restrict certain information from being viewed by unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, the application allows for multi-user access. Since employees have their corporate accounts and personal accounts, they will still log in from any authorized account. Since the app requires multi-factor identification, the employee must input a passcode received via text message. All of these features were included to make the app easy to use yet make it secure enough to handle sensitive information.

Cross-platform Mobile App

Benefits Delivered for the Client

One of the most significant benefits we could provide the client was a significant reduction in development costs and time to market. Currently, we are working on the iOS version of the app, but there are plans to create one for Android. Since we are creating a cross-platform app, we will be able to reuse a lot of the code, thus saving a lot of time and resources thus reducing the time to market. It will also allow us to provide sameness and uniformity to ensure that the overall look and feel of the app are maintained across both platforms. The app will look and feel the same on both iOS and Android since we will utilize the same codebase for both.

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