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November 25, 2019

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The biggest reason you have a website for your business is connecting with your target audience to understand their buying habits and use the information to serve them better. In addition, customers are always looking for companies that will give the best customer experience, which prompts companies to create flexible, scalable, and user-friendly websites. Achieving all of these goals starts with choosing a powerful content management system (CMS) like Sitecore Experience Manager.
Before we get into all of the details, let’s look at Sitecore XP’s headless CMS.

What is Sitecore CMS?

Sitecore Experience Manager is considered by industry experts as one of the best web content management platforms globally, offering a wide array of features and benefits that give businesses the flexibility they need to reach sales goals. It could just be what your company needs to improve web traffic and optimize your marketing campaigns. It is very customizable and makes it very easy for your team to manage your content. Moreover, Sitecore benefits include many marketing automation tools and additional advantages, as we will see later on. Now that we know, here are some reasons why you should choose Sitecore to create your website.

1. Give Your Digital Strategy a Boost

Whenever a customer visits your site, Experience Database xDB will capture all kinds of customer data, such as the analytics of pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, the device they used to access your site, and a lot of other helpful information. With Sitecore Experience Platform XP, you will be able to get a complete view of your customers. Moreover, the Experience Platform enables your sales and marketing teams to classify leads better within the industry. Now you will be able to create content that targets a specific audience and will be better able to fulfill their needs. For example, you can look through the pages on your site that better demonstrates the products in demand and brings them to the forefront.

2. User-Friendly Interface

The overall success of your digital marketing initiatives depends on how easy is the customers experience with your interface. Sitecore can provide you with an interface that is so comfortable to use that people will keep coming back again and again. Best of all, you do not have to be an expert coder to create Sitecore’s interface. Instead, you can watch some tutorials online and get all of the information you need to do everything yourself.

3. Browser and Device Compatibility

Regardless of the browser or devices your customers like to use, they will enjoy interacting with the Sitecore content. In fact, the system will detect the type of device each user is accessing a website with and adjust the content accordingly to fit that specific device. That means that customers will get a personalized view of your products or services regardless of the different channels they accessed your site. Such personalization is essential in the mobile age that we live in because people use smartphones and tablets to access the internet and expect sites to reflect this pattern.

4. Better Customer Engagement

Unlike other content editors, the Sitecore platform has capabilities to manage your content to adjust for the most viewed pages and create a more creative design. Nowadays, you need content that the users will enjoy reading and simply looking at, which means that every visual detail must be considered. By using Sitecore, you are putting your products and services on display in all of their glory.

5. Engage with Users on Social Media

Sitecore digital experience platform provides you with many methods to connect with your users on social media and nudges them to become a subscriber of your account. The Sitecore platform gives a wide array of choices to engage with your audiences, such as polls, forums, surveys, and other methods. The more you interact with your customers, the more trust you will create. As a result, it produces long-lasting relationships and brand ambassadors who will keep coming back repeatedly.

6. Integration is a Snap!

The Sitecore platform allows for complete data integration that lets you connect with any web service to collect data without any difficulties. Several modules will allow you to integrate with third-party providers such as Active Directory, SharePoint, BrightCove and many more.

Sitecore Experience Platform features

Start getting Ahead with Sitecore

We hope that this article answered some of your questions about Sitecore CMS and the Sitecore Experience Platform. Attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is all about the personalized customer experiences that you provide. Nowadays, people want businesses to treat them as individuals and provide more of a tailor-made shopping experience. If you can show customers that you care about their individuality, you will build a relationship with them.

You will also make content creation and management much more accessible. Many companies out there are creating digital experiences just for the sake of creating content, which is entirely the wrong approach to take. You need to create and manage your web pages to better suit individual visitors, thus giving you more chance to convert them into customers. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about localization. Sitecore content management system allows you to have multiple versions of your website, each in the language of the market you are trying to conquer and even works with other third-party translation services such as Google Translate.

Being one of the best CMS, Sitecore content management system can provide your business with a competitive advantage that will allow you to translate website visitors into leads and push them along the sales funnel. Whenever users come back to your site, they will see content that is specifically geared towards them. This means increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates and, most importantly, increased revenue rates. See for yourself what Sitecore can do for your business. It may be the key to unlocking new business opportunities and getting you ahead in today’s very competitive marketplace.

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