DevOps Service

Every year, the State of DevOps Report compares the best DevOps service providers with those who are still in the process of implementing DevOps practices. The latest report states that the top-notch performers deploy code 208 times more frequently, accelerated the time from commit to deploy by 106 times and many other impressive development statistics.

While many companies are hoping to achieve such productivity with their own DevOps service expertise, creating the right environment requires coding and scripting expertise, process and infrastructure re-engineering as well as collaboration and communication skills. As experienced DevOps service providers we can assign you with a DevOps expert who can oversee the entire software release and delivery lifecycle starting from ideation and planning through development, testing and product release.

Our DevOps service include:

Streamlining Your Digital Transformation

Increasing the speed of development

Market conditions change fairly frequently, especially in a time of crisis. We will implement DevOps models that provide you with greater business agility.

Rapid delivery

By increasing the pace and frequency of the releases we allow you to increase the pace of innovation and improve your product much faster. By enabling you to roll out new features faster, you will be able to respond quicker to customer demands and gain a competitive advantage.



The pace of delivery is optimized without having any effect on the user experience thus paving the way for implementing necessary application updates and alterations to the infrastructure. This includes using CI/CD to make sure that every change remains functional and safe.



As you add new features to your product and increase the amount of users, your infrastructure and processes will also need to be scaled to keep up. We use Infrastructure as a Code to manage all of your environments to help you maintain your efficiency levels.

Establish a Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

Create intelligent virtualizations

The SDI will improve the portability of the workloads and since you will no longer be burdened by the underlying infrastructure.

Performance focused approach

We will design the architecture with the highest performance metrics in mind introducing encryption and access controls, redundancy in architecture and more visibility over the infrastructure.

Modular design

An SDI architecture needs to be very adaptable and introducing modularity into the design will help us achieve this goal. We can also use the Service Oriented Design and microservices to attain the desired level of modularity as well.

Context awareness

If you currently have a legacy infrastructure, you may not be getting the right data about the context such as incidents and parameters from all of the components of the infrastructure. The new SDI architecture will allow you to better manage all kinds of key performance metrics.

Setting Up The Cloud Environment

Take advantage of cloud resources

We transform your solution, to make the most of everything the cloud has to offer.

Maintenance and support

We maintain your solution in the cloud.

Help you navigate through all of the choices

We help with the choice of the most effective cloud environment for your product.

Migrate your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud

We can migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud using various approaches such as lift and shift; lift and optimize or modernize.

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